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Global Exchange Ltd provides foreign currency for overseas property purchase to Private Clients with highly competitive exchange rates in International Forex transactions allowing the customer to benefit from an unrivalled personal service based on sound experience in the often complex Forex market.



For private individuals who need to exchange currency or transfer funds anywhere in the world, we offer the most competitive exchange rates available, allowing substantial savings on Forex transactions. Whether it’s a large or small exchange, the fluctuations in the money markets can make a vast difference to the price you pay for foreign currency and that could translate into potentially thousands on the cost of the property or other high value asset, we of course make sure it’s for the client’s benefit.

We are completely devoted to bringing the highest of service standards to our entire client.
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Whether you are purchasing a home abroad or emigrating, we will provide you with a clear and simple service and guide you through the process of transferring money abroad at more competitive prices than any high street banks and other financial institutions.

We are committed to bringing the very best of favourable opportunities to all our Private Clients. At Global Exchange Ltd, you’ll find that our staff are committed to providing information and services tailored to each individual, looking for good rates on money transfers with information catered to the specific needs of the individual and our team of specialists are happy to explain everything, in clear jargon-free language. We not only ensure that your transactions are secure, simple, efficient and executed at the best exchange rates.


Need to transfer your pension into another currency? You can rest assured that with our expertise the whole process is done efficiently and hassle-free ensuring you are receiving the best gains for your money..


We offer an excellent rate of exchange on all your regular payments, be it for a mortgage, a car, yacht or even an aircraft, our ultimate goal is to save you as much money as possible. If you want excellent rates of exchange on your Forex Transactions, we can help by giving you the widest and most attractive potential choice at all times.

The major advantage of our services (over the competition’s) is that we offer a much greater level of personal service, our hands on expert staff will guide you through the process and will assist you in achieving better ‘Exchange Rates’ with ease giving you total peace of mind not only with practical tips, but we will also help you sail through the often complicated legal and other daunting formalities, furthermore, we’re more competitive too, consequently ensuring that the optimum added value is achieved for you.

Moving your personal wealth abroad can be a disconcerting process. We aim to ease the burden with a hassle-free rapid bank-to-bank money transfer in a cost-effective manner.

To put it in simple words, if you’re looking to have your money transferred to another country, you probably are not sure where to start, but with our expert guidance we undertake the complete transaction on your behalf while rewarding you with a better currency rate coupled with a fast and secure global payment system that could save you thousands.

We are specialists with a proven record in providing foreign exchange services not only for those purchasing overseas property, or emigrating to a new life abroad, but also for those Private Clients who are investing abroad or making any other international financial transactions.

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