7 Tips to find cheap Airport Parking

  • 7 Tips to find cheap Airport Parking
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7 Tips to find cheap Airport Parking

Finding the best place to park your car in an airport and travel long distance is a big nightmare especially if you are travelling from London airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. How and when you book your airport parking will determine how good of a deal you got there. There are two important factors that you need to consider when pre-booking your parking, one is obviously the cost of parking and the other is convenience. There is no point in buying cheap parking far away from the airport so you have to make other travel arrangements to get to the airport. At Low Fare Airport Cars, since we know a lot about airports here we have listed 10 tips that could become handy when looking for parking arrangements.

Book in Advance

The best and easy way to reduce your airport parking cost is to book in advance at the airport long stay car parks. Usually, you can save up to one-third of the cost if you pre-book rather than going there on the day and buying for the required period. The money that you save could be a lot more if you book at least 48 hours earlier and you also have to make sure that you don’t book too early then you might not get their best price rather you would get a standard pre-booking price.


Check Airport parking comparison sites

There are many airport parking comparison sites where you can search and compare airport parking prices of an airport and get the best possible deal that suits your needs. Mostly the places that are next to the airport are cheaper than the long stay car park in the airport but they might be a little too far for your liking, its best to check the distance from the airport before booking a place that is away from the airport.  


Cashback sites

Cashback sites also offer lots of discount deals for airport parking. If you find the best place to buy your airport parking then you can click through a cashback site t get the best cash back deal from the site you are buying your airport parking.


Buy a hotel parking deal

This works for you best only if you need to book a hotel for your stay and if you are travelling from home this will not be useful to you. Booking a hotel package with airport parking will work out a lot cheaper than buying both separately. When looking for such deals, look for hotels that are close to airports or have a shuttle service running between the airport and the hotel.


Park in a local driveway

Houses around the airport provide this option through various sites that sell private airport parking service. This could work out a lot cheaper than any other option but the only problem is the security of your vehicle because there will not be any legal documentation between both parties and unless the website that you are buying the parking provides some kind of assurance this could be a risky option.


Check voucher sites

There are some voucher sites that provide voucher codes for airport parking, some of them are free to download and others could be simple as signing up for their newsletter to get the discount code, you always have the option to unsubscribe later.


Buy it with holiday extras 

If you are going for your holiday then you can ask your travel agent to add it as an extra to your holiday package, most of the time they will charge extra for this, but with enough persuasion, you might be able to get it for free.




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