Save money and time when travelling abroad

  • Save money and time when travelling abroad
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Save money and time when travelling abroad

Be it Business trips or holiday trips, a wise man always plans ahead to avoid any sort of travel disruption.  The main reason that you need to plan ahead is that there too many things involved with a travel plan and of course you can have a travel agent book everything for you might be wealthy enough to pay him a fortune, but if you are the average economy class traveller you need to do a lot of Googling to find your perfect travel solution. 

At Global Exchange we value our customer’s time, so we have put together a list of things that you can have a browse through while planning your next holiday or rushing through your next business trip.

Baggage – You have to check your baggage allowance on your ticket and weigh your baggage and make sure that is not over your allowance. If you are a light traveller then that’s fine but usually, family vacations are tough to decide whose stuff gets left behind.

Airport – Know where your airport is and decide how you are going to get to the airport, if you are going to drive there yourself then do some digging to find cheaper parking in and around the airport. Getting a taxi would always be cheaper than finding an airport parking. Also, make sure that you have made travel arrangements from your destination airport so that you don’t have to pay for on-demand taxi services.

Travel Money– Make sure that you are carrying enough money for your trip, in most of the countries you can use your card but it often cost you a lot of money in the transaction fee. So purchase enough currency for your travel, if you are concerned about leftover currency, find a company that sells a currency with a buy back offer. At Global Exchange - Smart Money we offer a very competitive buyback option, please visit our buy currency page for more information. 


Check Flight times – Make sure you have double checked your flight times and ask a friend to remind you if you have short term memory loss. You are required to come at least two hours before your flight departure so that you will have ample time to go through customs and do some shopping.

Boarding pass & travel Documents – Take a printout of your boarding pass or a screenshot of your boarding pass if you are using a mobile app to book your tickets. Also, have your travel documents handy and it saves you a lot of time at the airport to go through check-in and customs. 

Know What You Can Carry on the Plane - For security reasons there are some things you can’t carry on a plan and some you can’t carry in your hand luggage, visit the airlines or airports website to find out more about such items and be prepared.

In the flight - Unless you are going to sleep the whole way it is best to bring something with your hand luggage like books or iPod (Don’t rely on your phone as they ask to turn off your phone). Mostly the movies or the music on board will be boring or old so it is always good to be prepared.

Finally, we understand that even if you get prepared to the teeth you are always going to be rushed at the end, give us a call to find out our competitive currency exchange rates and have the peace of mind of having enough money to cover your travel

Have a safe trip.

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